Critical acclaim for THE SCARLET LETTER


“[A]ll around superb … everything one could hope for in a new opera. … Mason’s adaptation … is astoundingly brilliant … Director Beth Greenberg, who has collaborated with Mason and Laitman from the outset, provides a stark, riveting frame … Laitman has grown and nurtured a score that already seems to belong to the standard repertoire the first time one hears it … [M]odern, but eminently operatic, taking close consideration of the singers and listeners.”

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Laitman’s music and librettist David Mason’s words … spin one of the best-known pieces of literature into a whole new form adding sensible and sensitive dimensions that shed new light on the story. … What Laitman and Mason understand, and respect, is … that audiences want to be challenged but also entertained. And that difficult work can come in agreeable packages and maintain a high-quality. … [Laitman’s] composing voice is clear and confident, impassioned and likeable. … Mason … deconstructs Hawthorne’s thick prose with his own sure hand. … [A]ccessible , compelling and audience-pleasing …”

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“A brilliant new addition to the opera world … The singing, the staging, the story—it all adds up to a grand night of opera.”

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The opera was also featured on the PBS Newshour with links to Colorado Public Radio’s stories about the opera. Please click here.

Video Excerpts:


See Dominic Armstrong and pianist Keun-A Lee perform Dimmesdale’s aria “Our Nights” at the Colorado Public Radio offices by clicking here.

See Malcolm MacKenzie and pianist Keun-A Lee perform an excerpt from Chillingworth’s Lament: “Now Truly Know Me” by clicking here.

Click here for 3 minutes of excerpts from the piano rehearsal.

Click here for 3 minutes of excerpts from the orchestra dress rehearsal.