Textura.org names The Ocean of Eternity #4 on Top 20 Classical Vocal CDs of 2022

The Ocean of Eternity is #4 of  Textura.org‘s Top 20 Classical Vocal CDs of 2022 List!


American composer Lori Laitman has issued numerous art song-oriented albums since her 2000 debut album Mystery, which might make it difficult to choose one over another. Yet in bringing together multiple strands of her music-making, The Ocean of Eternity presents a strong case for being as quintessential a Laitman portrait as any. There are stand-alone songs and song cycles, and the material extends from majestic and lyrical expressions to ones sprinkled with humour and irreverence; enhancing its appeal, the release includes a song cycle extracted from the oratorio Vedem plus excerpts from Ludlow, the opera project she initiated with librettist David Mason in 2012 and which is currently nearing completion.