The Silver Swan — over the centuries

In 2007, Dr. Carol Kimball asked me to set The Silver Swan. I was most reluctant to do so, because I thought the original Orlando Gibbons madrigal setting was so beautiful and so perfect. It was only my love for Carol that allowed me to proceed — and the song’s birth was difficult. I threw out several attempts. Finally, I wound up with 2 versions: one for voice (mezzo or soprano) with piano and one for voice, flute and piano.

I recorded the solo voice and piano version with soprano Amanda Gosier and the recording was released in 2009 on my Albany Records CD Within These Spaces. The flute version was recorded with soprano Maureen McKay and flutist Emily Skala, and was released in December 2019 on my double CD set Living in the Body on Naxos. 

It was so interesting to discover this article about the various settings over the centuries.