Gedankenverloren was released on the Genuin label in March 2018, and includes soprano Katharina Konradi and clarinetist Andreas Lipp’s recording of 3 of the 6 songs from Lori’s I Never Saw Another Butterfly: The ButterflyYes, That’s The Way Things Are and The Old House.

The CD was reviewed in the Nov/Dec 2018 issue of Fanfare Magazine: “Lori Laitman’s songs are set to poems written by children held prisoner at the Teresienstadt concentration camp during World War II. The children were around 14 years old. These three are part of a cycle of six songs originally composed in 1996 for saxophone and voie, but later orchestrated for clarinet and voice…The opening clarinet is highly emotive. Our singer here is a perfect match for these elegant and simple songs. It also brings out just what a fine voice she has…Her English is excellent and clear. “Rotting in silence” is very powerfully sung.”

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