Portraits of Women

This 2016 release by Soprani Compagni, features the premiere recording of Laitman’s Fresh Patterns for two sopranos and piano, performed by Lisa Dawson, Tammie Huntington and Phoenix Park-Kim. To purchase this CD, click here.

Gregory Berg reviewed the CD in the January/February 2020 Journal of Singing. About “Fresh Patterns,” Laitman’s settings of Emily Dickinson and Annie Finch, Berg writes: “The work opens with Laitman’s exquisite setting of Emily Dickinson’s “It’s all I have to bring today,” one of her finest and most famous poems. That is followed by “A Letter to Emily Dickinson,” a text by contemporary poet Annie Finch in which she offers heartfelt thanks to Dickinson for her legacy. The work concludes with a stroke of genius as Laitman combines the first and second songs into a beautiful duet that seems to draw these two gifted poets from two different centuries into the same time and place. It is a work of extraordinary beauty and impact…”