Unsleeping: Songs by Living Composers

Unsleeping: Songs by Living Composers (Amazon), Patricia Green’s new CD, pays tribute to living composers from England, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Puerto Rico and the United States. The CD contains the premiere recording of the mezzo-soprano version of Lori’s Mystery and was released January 2009 on the Blue Griffin label.

“The teaming of composer Lori Laitman and poet Sara Teasdale in Mystery results in five songs of generous lyricism and propulsive ardor.” (Gramophone Magazine)

“Singer Patricia Green possesses a gleaming, vibrant voice which is radiant in every register and at every dynamic level…Her loveliest singing…emerges from her performance of the song cycle Mystery by Lori Laitman…and these enchanting songs deserve nothing less.” (Gregory Berg, The Journal of Singing, May/June 2010)