March 7-10, 2024: Composer-In-Residence at Nazareth University’s Women in Music Festival

From March 7-10, 2024, Lori served as the Composer-in-Residence for the Third Annual Women in Music Festival at Nazareth University in Rochester, NY. The festival was organized by Bonnie Choi.

Lori gave master classes and coached performers for the Laitman concert given by students and faculty on March 8th, 2024. On March 10, 2024, The Greater Rochester Women’s Philharmonic, conducted by Nancy Strelau with mezzo-soprano soloist Katie Hannigan, performed Lori’s newly orchestrated Becoming a Redwood, and premiered Diana Rosenblum’s orchestrations of Lori’s Echo and The Ballad Singer in addition to a premiere of a movement from Diana’s Melodic Mazes.