Dr. Adelaide Whitaker

I have commissioned Lori Laitman to compose a number of songs and shall continue to do this. The results are invariably wonderful.

As a singer and a researcher, my longtime exploration of the art song repertoire has led me to focus on the United States, where creative efforts in all the arts are vigorous and exciting. Lori Laitman is clearly one of the most brilliant composers of the American genre. Summarily, her work embodies a continuation of the great art song tradition. The songs express the values of our time and all time. And… they are beautiful.

Technically, Ms. Laitman’s songs utilize contemporary musical language that frees the expressive qualities of the poetry and the music: varying barline lengths, free color associations and an accompaniment that is a full partner in a complex, integrated web. Singers are thrilled to have songs which provide both joy and a challenge to prepare. And audiences still want an aesthetic experience at a concert!

Thank you, Lori, for a superb job.