A Letter to Emily Dickinson

2003, Revised 2017 | soprano and piano.

Poem by Annie Finch (b.1956), and used by permission of the poet.

Song 2 of Fresh Patterns.

Commissioned by Steven Jordheim for Alisa Jordheim and Patrice Michaels.

Soprani Compagni, comprised of sopranos Lisa Dawson and Tammie Huntington along with pianist Phoenix Park-Kim, released the premiere recording of Fresh Patterns in 2016 on their Portraits of Women CD. The revised version was released December 2019 on the Naxos double CD set Living in the Body: Songs of Lori Laitman, with sopranos Alisa Jordheim and Patrice Michaels and pianist Andrew Rosenblum.


Some newer editions may already have these corrections.

  • 22: the last note in the RH of the piano should be a G natural.
  • 62: the voice should be marked forte.
  • 78: the poco rit. should extend through 79 and the q=184 should come in 80 instead.

Anyone who purchased an older copy can email me for a free updated score.