Are Women People?

Song Cycle: A Suggested Campaign Song; Without The Power To Vote; Take Pity; Warning to Suffragists; Relic; The Most Ignorant; Home and Where It Is; The 19th Amendment.

2016 | SATB Vocal Quartet with Piano 4-Hands.

Poems by Alice Duer Miller (1874-1942); Text from Susan B Anthony (1820-1906) and The United States Constitution.

This cycle contains an excerptable a cappella cycle with text by Susan B Anthony and The US Constitution. It was commissioned by The Hanson Institute for American Music at The Eastman School of Music and the Susan B Anthony Center for Women’s Leadership, to celebrate 100 years of Women’s Right to Vote in New York State.

Premiere: March 15, 2017, Kilbourn Hall at The Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY.

For the premiere, two vocal quartets were used: one for the a cappella songs, the other for the songs with accompaniment. Both quartets joined to sing The 19th Amendment.

Quartet 1: Sara Neally, soprano; Carolena Lara, mezzo soprano; Marcus Jefferson, tenor; Keith Klein, baritone.

Quartet 2: Addie Rose Brown, soprano; Judith Prenzlow, mezzo soprano; Kameron Ghanavati, tenor; Adam Wells, baritone.

Pianists: Rosanna Egge and Jeremy Vigil, with Conductor: Edo Frenkel.

The cycle was recorded with the Fourth Coast Ensemble and pianists Maria Sumareva and Andrew Rosenblum on January 19, 2020 and appears on the Acis release Are Women People? — The Songs of Lori Laitman. To purchase, please click here.


If you have an older copy, please contact me for a complimentary updated score.

SONG 1: A Suggested Campaign Song

for editions prior to July 9, 2020 — 

Piano 1:

2: add staccatos to beats 3 and 4 in both hands

3: add accent to downbeat

4: add crescendo

Piano 2:

4: add crescendo

5: add f on beat 1


7: change MM to q=152.

30: Tenor and Bass: erase the tie and in 31, erase beat 1 note and put in a quarter rest instead.

49: Soprano and Alto: erase the tie and in 50, the first two beats are now a half.

58: Soprano: the “ble” of “suitable” should only be tied over to an 8th note. Then rest the rest of the measure.

60: Tenor: change dynamic to forte. Bass: stay forte for whole measure.

61: Soprano and Alto: change mf to forte and stay forte the whole measure.

72: If the pianist isn’t loud enough to shout, one of the singers can be the optional shouter.

113: Alto: Change dynamic to forte, and don’t tie the “one” over. Then the rest of the measure is rest.

SONG 2: Without the Power to Vote

5: Tenor: change this dynamic to ff, then back to forte in the next measure.

SONG 3: Take Pity


16: Soprano: add a fermata for the first two beats on “you”.

Alto: change pitch of beat 2 to a Db (down a M3 from the existing F) and add a fermata.

Tenor: add a fermata to beat 3 on the word “you”.

Bass: add a fermata to beat 3 on the held “you”.

Last measure: Bass: leave the hairpins but erase the mf in the middle. Erase the mp destination dynamic.

NEW CHANGE on 6.24.20: 22: Tenor — Change duration of “works” to a quarter, followed by an 8th rest.

SONG 4: Warning to Suffragists

14: All voices: change the word “women” to “woman”.

18: All voices: change the word “women” to “woman”.

31: Piano 2: RH enter on beat 1+ and change duration of the Bb to a quarter (instead of 8th)

54: Soprano: Change the rhythm on beat 1 to two 8th notes.

SONG 5: Relic

5: All voices: change the duration of beat 1 (“York”) to a quarter note, followed by an 8th rest (instead of a dotted quarter).

8: Soprano: add an accent to the downbeat.

10: All: add a poco rit.

11: All: add a new MM of q=82 and add an accent to the downbeat.

16: Bass: change dynamic from mf to f.

SONG 6: The Most Ignorant


1: Change MM to q=120.

9: Bass: erase beat 2 and put in a quarter rest. Put in a forte on beat 3, and erase mf in next measure.

11: Bass: write in a mf.

24: Soprano: tie the Ab on beat 2+ to beat 3.

SONG 7: Home and Where It Is

24: All: put in Slightly Slower (which will go until 26).

42: Alto: keep existing notes but place the “ner” of “corner” on beat 2, creating a new melisma.

81: Alto: change beat 3 to an Eb (instead of F).

83: Soprano: the slur for the melisma should extend to beat 1 of 84.

109: Soprano: the last 8th has an optional note now: Eb (down 3rd from the existing Gb).

SONG 8: The 19th Amendment – both with and without piano

10: All voices: change beat 2 to a quarter note, followed by quarter rest in Alto, Tenor and Bass, but by an 8th notes in soprano, so that pickup to 11 remains the same.

21: Soprano and Alto: change the half note duration to a quarter note and quarter rest (to match tenor).