Becoming A Redwood (Song Cycle)

Poems by Dana Gioia (b.1950).

Song CycleThe Song (after Rilke)PentecostCurriculum VitaeBecoming A Redwood.

2003 | high voice and piano. Duration: 18 minutes.

The newly orchestrated version is now available – for tenor, mezzo-soprano, or soprano with chamber orchestra. Please see separate listing.

ERRATA – some of these mistakes are only in the new editions

SONG 1: 

28 — the poco rit from 27 should begin in this measure instead

53 – the correct word is “interrupted” not “terterrupted”


added “sprightly” at the start to indicate character for this song

SONG 4: 

43 piano part: the 8va should be over beats 2 and 3 of 43 and beat 1 of 44 NOT over 2 and 3 of 44 and beat 1 of 45

77 – the relax should start on beat 2

In Song 4, at 61, the quarter note should equal 100 (not 108)

Also the word on the downbeat of 61 should be “old”

The premiere recording of the cycle is on the Albany Records’ Becoming a Redwood, released October 2006, with soprano Barbara Quintiliani and piano/composer Lori Laitman. To purchase, please click here.