1991 | soprano/piano; soprano/baritone/piano; soprano/mezzo/piano; SATB/piano.

Humorous encore song with words and music by Lori Laitman (b.1955).


Some newer editions may already have these corrections.

  • 8, take some time.
  • 15, there should be a crescendo on the shouted letters. I prefer for the accompanist to shout these letters.
  • 49, it’s back to the jazz eights.
  • 54, all of the soprano notes in the duo version can be Gs. Or the last two notes can be Gs. Or it can be sung as published.
  • There are many versions of this piece, with minor changes being made quite frequently to the piano part. The current edition is the one I prefer. 

If you have an older copy, please contact me for a complimentary updated score. To purchase the mp3 of Jennifer Check, Randall Scarlata and Warren Jones performing this song, please click here.