Four Dickinson Songs

Song CycleWill There Really Be A Morning?I’m NobodyShe DiedIf I….

1996 | soprano/piano.

2019 | mezzo-soprano/piano; contralto or countertenor/piano; tenor/piano; baritone/piano; bass/piano.

Poems by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886).

New note regarding If I…

On July 31, 2020, The New Era Voice Festival sponsored by The M Institute for the Arts in DC, presented “In Conversation with Lori Laitman” — and Tracy Cox and I spoke about American art song, women in music, and other topics. Tracy and pianist Thomas Morris performed selections from my Four Dickinson Songs, and in the final song, Tracy sang my setting of the word “fainting” a different way than I had written it — but I loved it, and wondered why I hadn’t thought of this previously.

So, as an alternative, the “ing” of the word “fainting” in m. 11 and m. 31, can be sung on the last 8th note instead of as written.

Thank you, Tracy and Thomas!

If you have an older copy, please email for a complimentary updated score.

Alternate notes for Tenor in Songs 1 and 3:

Song 1:

24: the low Bbs can be sung up an octave.

Song 3:

68-70: the low Bb can be sung up an octave.