Fresh Patterns (Song)

2003 | 2 sopranos and piano.

Texts from Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) and Annie Finch (b.1956).

Song 3 of Fresh Patterns.

Commissioned by Steven Jordheim for Alisa Jordheim and Patrice Michaels.


Some newer editions may already have these corrections. Regarding the last song:

  • 107 for soprano 1 should have a dim. and m. 108 should be a mp, not a p
  • 113: top soprano line should be forte by the word “apart.” Similarly, bottom vocal line should be forte by the word “today” in 116.


Upon revisiting this song, I found that the quarter=176 marking in m. 68 is too fast. I would suggest quarter =144, and then adjust following markings down accordingly.