I gained it so

1997 | soprano/piano.

Poem by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886).

Song 1 of Between the Bliss and Me.


Some newer editions may already have these corrections. If you have an older edition, please contact me for a complimentary upgrade.

• 14 – LH piano — the A is a mistake. Please erase.

• 18 and 22, the decrescendo in the voice part should be removed.

• 27, the last note in the voice part should be a C SHARP.

• 35 — RH piano – the Bb should be tied throughout the measure. The last Db is tied over to 36 (the tie is there but isn’t showing up properly spaced).

  • The original poem has dashes in the poetry. I will include these in the next printed versions. For now, here’s a copy of the poem.

I gained it so —
By Climbing slow —
By Catching at the Twigs that grow
Between the Bliss — and me —
It hung so high
As well the Sky
Attempt by Strategy —

I said I gained it —
This — was all —
Look, how I clutch it
Lest it fall —
And I a Pauper go —
Unfitted by an instant’s Grace
For the Contented — Beggar’s face
I wore — an hour ago —