I Lie in This Coffin

2004 | baritone or mezzo-soprano/cello/piano.

Poem by Vilna Ghetto survivor Abraham Sutzkever (1913-2010), translated by CK Williams.

Song 1 of The Seed of Dream.

Commissioned by Music of Remembrance, Seattle, WA.

Commissioned by Music of Remembrance, Seattle, WA in 2005.

The premiere recording, with baritone Erich Parce, cellist Amos Yang and pianist Mina Miller, was on Naxos’ For A Look or a Touch. To purchase, please click here

Click here to see a YouTube video from a live performance at St. Katerine Cathedral in Vilnius, Lithuania on Jan 27, 2009. It features baritone Stein Skjervold (Norway), cellist Tom Collingwood (UK) and pianist Sonata Zuboviene (Lithuania).

Independent Opera Company’s marvelous film about The Seed of Dream can be viewed here

Click here to view Music of Remembrance’s May 2017 performance with mezzo-soprano Catherine Cook.

A new edition will be forthcoming. If you’d like to perform this, please contact me for a new score.


Piano, Left Hand, 54-56 — should be up 8va. A new edition is in the works. Please contact me for the most up-to-date score.