2008 | For alto saxophone and piano.

2018 | violin and piano.

2019 | flute and piano.

2024 | bassoon and piano.

Premiere: February 10, 2008 with Adam Schattschneider, alto saxophone and Anna Stembler-Smith, piano.

This is truly a “song without words” as the permission for the poem was removed after the setting was done. (Long story that really can’t be told!). 

The work has been recorded by saxophonist Eric Lau and Kristin Ditlow on the Blue Griffin label, and is available for purchase here and can be heard on Track 16 on the Spotify link below.

In December 2019, a new recording with saxophonist Gary Louie and pianist Kirsten Taylor was released on the Naxos double CD set Living in the Body — Songs of Lori Laitman. It’s Track 32 on the Spotify link below. Click here to purchase.


1-3: RH Piano: rests are now re-notated as dotted quarters.

2: RH Piano: quarter rest now re-notated as two 8ths.

18: Sax or Violin: The tie on the second note (G) should only extend to the next 8th note.

44: current dynamics are wrong. The diminuendo should start on beat 3 of m. 43 and the downbeat of m. 44 should be mf.

53: solo instrument — move mf to downbeat m 54 and extend crescendo in m. 53 throughout the measure.

Anyone who purchased an older score can email me for a free, updated copy.