Letter to my Daughter

2002 | soprano/piano.

Poem by Marjorie Saiser (b.1943).

Text to “Letter To My Daughter” from a poem of Marjorie Saiser, from “Bones Of A Very Fine Hand,”©1999, Backwaters Press. Used by permission of the poet.

Commissioned by The Nebraska Music Teachers Association. Premiere: October 24, 2002, The University of Nebraska, Kearney, Nebraska with Anne Foradori, soprano and Valerie Cisler, piano.

Song 3 of Within These Spaces.

The premiere recording is on Albany Records Within These Spaces — Songs of Lori Laitman, with soprano Sari Gruber and pianist Warren Jones. Click here to purchase.


Some newer editions may already have these corrections. If you have an older edition, please email for a complimentary updated score.

  • 47: I have added a dynamic of piano
  • 49: it’s ok to take a little time
  • 54: you can sing tis entire measure down an octave as an alternative
  • 70: I have changed the rhythm to a dotted quarter on “but” followed by 3 eighth notes