Living in the Body (Song Cycle)

Song cycleBurning the Woods of my ChildhoodLiving in the BodyNot for BurningLost at TableBring on the RainCrossroads.

2001, Revised 2017 | soprano or mezzo-soprano/alto saxophone — also available with clarinet accompaniment.

Poems by Joyce Sutphen (b.1949). Burning the Woods of my ChildhoodLiving in the Body and Crossroads by Joyce Sutphen, from Straight Out of View, © 2001 Jim Perlman, Holy Cow! Press, Duluth, Minnesota. Used by permission. Lost at Table and Not for Burning from Coming Back to the Body and Bring On The Rain © 2000Joyce Sutphen. Used by permission.

Commissioned through a Special Projects Grant from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at Georgia Southern University for soprano Sandra McClain and saxophonist Carolyn Bryan. Premiere: The Arden Duo (soprano Sandra McClain and saxophonist Carolyn Bryan) at the North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference, University of North Texas, March 7, 2002.

The premiere recording is on the December 2019 Naxos double CD release Living in the Body — Songs of Lori Laitman, with soprano Maureen McKay and saxophonist Gary Louie. To purchase, please click here

The premiere recording with clarinet is on the May 19, 2020 Naxos release The Secret Exit, with soprano Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk and clarinetist Denise Gainey. To purchase, please click here.

The most recent recording, released in 2023, is by The Decho Ensemble, with soprano Katherine Petersen and saxophonist Jacob Swanson.

Click here to see soprano Maureen McKay and saxophonist Gary Louie’s October 10, 2018 performance on PianoCraft of Gaithersburg, MD recital series.