Lovely in His Bones

2004, Revised 2017 | soprano/piano.

Poem by Jāma Jandroković (b.1967). Commissioned by Jāma Jandroković.

Song 5 of Five Lovers.

The premiere recording was released December 2019 on the Naxos double CD set Living in the Body — Songs of Lori Laitman, with soprano Alisa Jordheim and pianist Andrew Rosenblum. To purchase, please click here

If you have an older copy, please contact me for a complimentary updated score.


Some newer editions may already have these corrections.

  • 3: voice entrance, should be forte
  • 4: add tenuto to D sharp on beat 3 in voice
  • 5: “bones” should now be a half note only
  • 8: voice should breathe before “not”
  • 10: “streets” should now be a half note only.
  • 17: voice: I changed the 8ths notes on “col-or” to 2 quarters, to give the word more emphasis.