The Ocean of Eternity – Four Stanzas on Mortality

Song cycle: The Ocean of Eternity, Futureless, The Morning Was Blue and Wild Flowers.

Poems from Four Stanzas on Mortality from Poems ©Anne Ranasinghe (1925-2016), and used by permission of Anne’s daughter, Shanti Conly.

2017 | soprano/soprano saxophone/piano.

Commissioned by Michael Couper, ChoEun Lee and Yungee Rhie.

Premiere: February 9, 2019 with soprano Yungee Rhie, saxophonist Michael Couper and pianist ChoEun Lee. Video below.

PDF download below.

This work became the centerpiece of my CD The Ocean of Eternity, released April 26, 2022 on Acis. 


  • Song 3: in measure 2 voice: 2nd note should be an A flat, NOT an A natural.