The Silver Swan

2007 | Two versions — one for mezzo-soprano and piano; one for mezzo-soprano, piano and flute, although a soprano, tenor or baritone could also sing the voice part.

Poem by Orlando Gibbons (1563-1625). Dedicated to Carol Kimball.

To hear countertenor Brian Asawa and pianist Rudolf Jansen’s performance from The Concertgebouw, please click here.

This song is also part of Northstar’s Modern Music for New Singers, Mezzo-soprano Anthology Volume I, edited by Robert Peavler. Click here to purchase.


Some newer editions may already have these corrections. If you have an older copy, please contact me for a complimentary updated score.

  • There should be a “push” marking at the end of 11.
  • Added “think of water, don’t play in strict tempo” as marking at start, and additionally “sing!” for the piano.
  • 23-26 should have a crescendo in both parts, building up to 27.
  • 24, I added a tenuto on the A flat on beat 3.
  • In 31 piano, RH, there are some missing notes. There should be a series of 8ths descending from the D flat: D flat, C, B flat, A flat, G flat, F.
  • 45 piano, added the marking “expressive”.
  • 52 voice: Change Ah on beat 2 to a half note Ah, starting on beat 1.
  • In Flute Score, remove the “push” from m. 26.
  • 62 – added “Optional Hold on the C”.
  • There should be a fermatas at the end of the measure in the last measure of the piece, for both flute and piano.
  • The last measure should also say “close to mmm” if you’d like in the voice part.