Wider than the Sky

2002 | soprano/piano.

Poem by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886).

Song 2 of Two Dickinson Songs.


Some newer editions may already have these corrections. If you have an older copy, please contact me for a complimentary updated score.

“Wider than the Sky”

  • 1-2: in the piano, the C on the first beats should ring through the measures.
  • 2: voice: the rest should be written as a whole rest.
  • 8: “push tempo a bit” should start on beat 2.
  • 10: “relax tempo a little” should start on beat 1.
  • 34: “bell-like” description should be added to the piano.
  • 39-40: piano — hold the pedal through these 2 measures.

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