Yes, That’s The Way Things Are

1996, Revised 2018 | soprano/alto saxophone; soprano/clarinet or soprano/bassoon.

2023 | mezzo-soprano/alto saxophone; mezzo-soprano/clarinet; mezzo-soprano/bassoon.

Poem by “Koleba” — a combination of names of 3 poets — Kosek (1932-1942), Löwy (1931-1942), and Bachner (died 1944).

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Some newer editions may already have these corrections.

  • there should be an accent on the first note.
  • in the sax part, I now prefer a rest on beat 4, letting the voice enter alone.
  • there can be a bit of a slow down into 21 but take the tempo up again in 25.
  • at the end of 31, the voice can take a little time setting up the downbeat in the next measure. * The tempo should resume in m. 32 and the ba-da-dums should be sung with a carefree attitude.
  • 43, the dynamic in the sax part should read mp not mf.
  • 50, the sax can take some time and really sock the note in 51.
  • from 58 to 59 there should be a crescendo into 59. The first note in 9 should have an accent.
  • ideally, the “k” of “park” should end with the sax staccato.