Men with Small Heads (Song)

2000 | countertenor, mezzo-soprano or baritone/piano.

Poem by Thomas Lux (1946-2017).

Song 1 of Men with Small Heads.

Commissioned by Adelaide Whitaker.

The song “Men with Small Heads” won “Best American Art Song” in the 2004 American Art Song Competition sponsored by the San Francisco Song Festival.

PDFS available below. Hard copies available here through Classical Vocal Reprints. If you have an older copy, please contact me for a complimentary updated score.

If you are interested in this cycle transposed down a M2, please contact me directly. 

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Some newer editions may already have these corrections.


6, voice: there should be an accent on the first syllable of “everywhere”

29: tempo marking should be rubato. The poco a poco accel. should start in m. 31

42 and 44, piano RH: should be marked staccato

49, voice: it is fine to ignore the written rest and connect “dreams” to “perhaps” if that is your preference.

SONG 2: 

125, piano: move hairpin slightly to the right